opening hours : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Location : 20015 Lessard Road NW Edmomton AB
opening hours : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Location : 20015 Lessard Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 0K4

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NV Restaurant Foods Menu


Baked Spinach
Artichoke Dip
Artichoke hearts, cheesy goodness, spinach, green onion, tortilla chips
Truffle Fries or Yam Fries
Smokey ketchup & Spicy aioli
Garlic Shrimp
Pan seared garlic shrimp, romesco sauce, feta, green onion, served with toasted baguette
Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Diced spiced chicken, peanuts, spicy kung Pao Sauce and Crispy Noodle
(sub tofu $16)

Pork Shashlik
Marinated bite sized pork loin skewers served with tzatziki and a lemon wedge
Crispy Fried Calamari
Fried calamari , tzatziki, garlic aioli
Famous Corn Fritters
Served with house made smokey ketchup and strawberry jam
Chicken Wings
Choice of salt & pepper, hot sauce, cajun spice and lemon pepper
Mussel Marinieres
Steamed mussels with shallots, garlic,white wine and fresh herbs served with garlic bread.
Chicken Or Beef Satay
marinated bite sized chicken or beef tender's on skewers with peanut chutney


Add chicken $8.00 , Shrimp  $9.00  , Cajun  Chicken $9  and Salmon $10.00

Daily feature soup
and Salad
Daily features soup and our house salad with baguette
Sesame Chicken
Chicken , pea pods ,red onion , shredded carrot , napa & purple cabbage , greens , vermicelli noodles,crispy wontons , almonds , seasame ginger dressing , sesame seeds.
NV House Salad
Seasonal greens with feta cheese, pepitas , cranberries house dressing
Caesar Salad $15 | Starter $9
Focaccia croutons, hickory bacon, parmesan shavings.
Amp up your meal
chicken $8
blackened chicken $9
shrimp $9
salmon $10


Macaroni With Cheese
Or Marinara Sauce
Cheese Burger With Fries
Chicken Tenders With Fries


Served with Fries or House Salad.

Add Yam fries or onion rings instead regular fries – $2

Add caeser salad instead house salad – $2

Black Bean Burger
House made veggie patty, mozzarella, crispy onions, arugula, red onion, smoky aioli, served fries or greens
Blackened salmon BLT
Pan seared blackened salmon fillet with bacon , lettuce , tomato and avocado on a ciabatta served fries or greens
Spicy Chicken Burger
House made spicy breaded chicken breast, coleslaw , smoky spicy aioli served fries or greens
Grilled Chicken Tacos
Flour tortillas, cabbage, jalapeno cream, green onion, salsa, grilled chicken
Chicken Avocado Panini
Panini Grilled Chicken on toasted sour dough bread, mizuna green , sliced tomato and garlic mayo served fries or greens
French Dip Sandwich
Slow cook beef on French bread , topped with onion relish served with side au jus served fries or greens
NV Fire Burger
House made beef patty with fried onions, fried jalapeno aged cheddar cheese , bacon , chipotle sauce between toasted brioche bun served fries or greens
NV Burger
House made beef patty, lettuce, onion , tomato, aged cheddar, toasted brioche bun served fries or greens
add bacon - $2
add mushrooms - $2



Ask about today's flavour
Apple Strawberry
Rhubarb Crisp
apples, cinnamon, GF oats, vanilla ice cream
Creme Brulee
Ask about today's flavour
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Drizzled chocolate, whipped cream & berries
Cheese Cake
House made cheese cake with berry coulis, fresh berries, whipped cream

Fill ups (4:00 PM Onwards)

Braised Beef
Tender Beef, mashed potatoes, roasted veg, Yorkshire pudding, gravy
Steak Frites
Pan seared 8oz AAA sirloin, chimichurri sauce, garlic bread , fries and greens
Tomato Basil Gnocchi
Gnocchi, rich tomato basil cream sauce, onion, mushrooms, red pepper, asiago, toasted baguette.
Add Italian sausage $5
Shrimp $9
Chicken $8
Linguine Aglio e Olio
Linguine with shrimps, garlic, olive oil , cherry tomato, pepper flakes, asiago cheese
Seared Salmon
Green tea cured salmon seared to perfection served with jasmine rice, tomato butter emulsion, sautéed vegetables, and topped with shaved fennel
Teriyaki Bowl – Starter $22
Rice noodles, pea pods, cremini mushrooms, onion, carrot, broccoli, shredded cabbage, house teriyaki sauce
choice of: tofu $22 - chicken $24 - salmon $26
Baby Back Ribs
Half rack of ribs, hub barbecue sauce, corn fritter, fries, and creamy slaw
Fish and Chips
2 pieces beer battered fried fish , coleslaw, fries, house made tartar sauce
Blackened Chicken
House blackening seasoning, chicken breast, mashed potatoes, apple cabbage slaw


Smoked salmon Bagel
Toasted Bagel, dill cream cheese, Norwegian smoked salmon, red onion, and fried capers with
breakfast potatoes
Add Ons - bacon/sausage/add an egg - $5.00
Breakfast sandwich
Toasted bagel, garlic aioli, fresh tomato, fried egg, bacon and lettuce with breakfast potatoes
Mushroom and Spinach Omelet
3 egg omelet with mushroom, spinach and cheesy goodness with a side of breakfast potatoes
and choice of toast (White or whole wheat )
NV Breakfast
2 eggs your style ( poached, fried, scrambled or basted) with sausage or bacon , breakfast
potatoes and choice of toast (White & whole wheat )
Buttermilk Pancake
3 pancakes, dusted sugar, mix berries, whipped cream and syrup

kids $6
Banana French toast kids
2 slices of French toast, banana , dusted sugar, whipped cream and maple syrup & chocolate
Banana French toast
2 slices of French toast, banana , dusted sugar, whipped cream and maple syrup & chocolate
Avocado Toast
Toasted Multigrain loaf, sliced tomato, poached egg, avocado spread, crumbled feta and micro
greens with Breakfast Potatoes
Salmon Benny
Toasted English muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce with breakfast potatoes
Traditional Eggs Benny
Toasted English muffin, back Bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce with breakfast potatoes
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NV Restaurant Drinks Menu


Electric Shandy
Bent stick’s electric boogaloo IPA (6 oz), hayman’s gin (½ oz), simple syrup, blood orange soda
Ginger Jewel
Crown royal whiskey (1½ oz), pineapple juice, ginger ale, angostura bitters, mint Empress
1908 empress gin (1½ oz), soda water, lemonade,lemon slice
campari (½ oz), sweet vermouth (½ oz), gordon’s gin (½ oz), orange slice
Bourbon & Ginger
Jim beam bourbon whiskey (1½ oz), ginger syrup, lemon juice, soda, mint
Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry vodka ( 1½ oz), raspberry syrup ,lemonade and fresh berries
Vodka (1½ oz), triple sec (½ oz), red cranberry juice, lime juice Classic
Classic Shaken Margarita
Tequila (1 oz), triple sec(½ oz), lime juice, , lime slice,salt rim
Red or white wine (3 oz), triple sec (½ oz), house sangria mix,berries &mint
pitcher to share $28
NV Long lsland
Raspberry vodka (½ oz), triple sec (½ oz), white (½ oz) , tequila (½ oz) , lime juice, house made ice tea
Rosé Smash
Rose wine (3 oz), hayman’s gin (½ oz), blood orange soda, simple syrup, lemon juice, berries & mint
pitcher to share $28


On tap 16oz

Bent Stick IPA
Sea Change Blonde Ale
Sea Change Prairie fairy
Banded peak Rotating Tap
Shock Top
Bent Stick Sour

Not on tap

Tall boys 473ml
Blindman River Session Ale 4.4% 473ml..
Bent Stick B.S. Wit Wheat Ale 4.5% 473ml
Bent Stick Blood Orange Radler 3.5% 473ml
Original 16 Prairie White Wheat Ale 4.8% 473 ml
Sea Change Irish Red Ale 5% 473ml
Sea Change The Wolf Hazy Pale Ale 5.5% 473ml
Prairie Fairy Blackberry Wheat Ale 5.0% 473 ml
Journey North Ciders 5.5-6.4% 473ml *Askflavours
Bottles and Can
asper Brewing Co. Crisp Pils 4.8% 355ml
Sleeman’s Honey Brown Lager 5.2% 341ml……
Bud Light 4.0% 341ml.
Stella Artois Lager 5.2% 330ml
Coors light 4.2% 341ml
Molsen Canadian 5.0% 341ml
Corona 4.6% 330ml
Heineken 5% 330ml